Museum Residences

Forward Thinking

In the late 1990s the Denver Art Museum embarked on a global search for the right architect who could usher their vision into the next millennium. Over the course of a few years, the selection committee painstakingly reviewed design proposals from a "who's who" list of architects.

At last, the winner had been chosen. Who was he? None other than a blossoming architect from Poland, Daniel Libeskind.

Meet the Architect

A Symbiotic Relationship

In modern development it's rare that the same architect is given the opportunity to create complementary works of art next to one another. Here, this is exactly what happened.

Simultaneously to being awarded the commission for the Frederic C. Hamilton building, Libeskind also received the go-ahead for the Museum Residences.

Pedestrian Friendly Walkways

Paying close attention to his surroundings, Daniel Libeskind and his team took care in extending the pre-existing plaza that leads to Civic Center Park.

Today, Martin Plaza, creates a tree-lined buffer between the Frederic C. Hamilton building and the Museum Residences. The plaza combines urban beauty, pedestrian safety and a noise buffer from nearby traffic lanes.


Martin Plaza is named after J. Landis (Lanny) Martin, a local lawyer, businessman and philanthropist whose contributions to the Denver Art Museum are invaluable and unparalleled.

Meet Lanny & Sharon

First Impressions

Gallery-inspired living is evident from the moment you arrive. Walls of glass encase two residential lobbies where end-grain flooring, obtuse angled walls and architectural concrete columns create a backdrop for beautiful contemporary art.

Separate, Yet One

The Museum Residences are comprised of two separate buildings. The first, 55 W. 12th Avenue and the second, 1200 Acoma Street.

The two buildings envelop a concealed parking garage, the top of which is a private, resident-only roof top garden.

The Value Play

Included in the homeowner's monthly assessments are:

  • Security & Guard Service
  • Common Area Electric, Gas, and HVAC Service
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Central Boiler System & Maintenance
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Building Insurance
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Water & Natural Gas Per Residence
  • Resident Guest Suite ($150 For One Night, $135 For Multiple Nights)

But Wait, There's More

The perks of living in the Museum Residences extend beyond its walls. Nextdoor, residents receive special discounts at the ART, an award-winning hotel.


May we suggest cocktails at the FIRE Terrace?

Local Attractions

The Golden Triangle has no shortage of cultural activities to keep you busy. A few of our favorites:

And after all that, when you need to relax, we suggest Leven Deli... conveniently located right nextdoor to home.

The Details

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