Flour Mill Lofts

A Historical Perspective

Built and owned by the Longmont Milling Company in 1906 to compete against J.K. Mullen's industry empire, the mill was a formidable player in Denver processing 250,000 bushels of grain per year at the height of its production.

J.K. Mullen and his company, Colorado Milling and Elevator, purchased the building and continued operations through their eventual decline in 1975.

A Vision, A Plan

In 1998, local hero (seriously!) Dana Crawford and her firm, Urban Neighborhoods, began construction on phase I which was to redevelop the original derelict tower into an iconic residential community.

How bad was the mill's condition? Harrison Fletcher tells a grim tale here:


A Symbiotic Relationship

Carefully designed to embody the spirit of the original mill and pay homage to its architecture, Dana Crawford and her team completed the north building, which was entirely new, in 2000.

"For these historic buildings to survive they must have new economic lives."

Dana Crawford

Neighborhood Amenities

  • Commons Park 0.2 Miles
  • Whole Foods 0.6 Miles
  • King Soopers 0.3 Miles
  • Union Station 0.7 Miles
  • Coors Field 0.7 Miles
  • Pepsi Center 1.1 Miles
  • Larimer Square 1.2 Miles
  • Theatre District 1.4 Miles

The Breakdown

Comprised of fifteen residences in the original building and twenty-seven residences in the addition, the Flour Mill Lofts retain their historic elegance and are symbolic of what can be achieved with vision and determination.


Dana Crawford opted to leave the original fire stairwell untouched which resulted in perfect preservation of incredible graffiti art... its quite a sight to see!

Adam's Five Favorites

My top-five favorite characteristics include...

  1. Preserved graffiti art
  2. Thoughtfully designed "Phase II" addition
  3. Adjacent to City of Cuernavaca Park
  4. Incorporation of grain silos in some of the residences
  5. Iconic presence at the gateway to downtown

The Details

  • Architect: JV DeSousa Architects
  • Year Built: 1998 & 2000
  • Number of Residences: 42
  • Parking: Deeded - Use Only

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