Where the Grass is Always Greener

An obscure fact about my life is that prior to entering the world of real estate I was a member of the Colorado Rockies Grounds Crew. With Opening Day now less than three weeks away it's hard not to be nostalgic when I reflect on my time spent at Coors Field.

There are many memories of that job that I cherish and speaking in broad terms, experiencing professional sports from a different vantage point was one of my favorites. As the grounds crew pertains to a blog about "touch", the playing surface is the ultimate topic of discussion.

Viewed as sacred ground, even by the grounds crew, the grass was rarely traversed. There are rules, an etiquette, that one must follow and it's the restricted access that made the opportunity to walk on and touch the grass so remarkable.

What makes the turf so special?

It's the cushion beneath your feet as you walk through the outfield. It's the juxtaposition in texture from the infield dirt, or "skin", to the soft buoyant carpet. It's feeling the textural difference in each blade of grass recognizing that the lines you see when looking at the field are formed by the mower pushing the blades of grass in one direction or another (the light areas are pushed away from you, the dark pushed toward). It's also feeling that the difference between the outfield cut at 7/8" and the infield cut at 1 1/4" is greater than one would think when looking at the numbers.

My memories of the ballpark are full of references back to our five senses but experiencing the subtle textures inside a big league ballpark as part of my job can never truly be considered work.

- AM.

P.S. Rockies win 80 games in 2019.