Credit: phozographer

What I know For Sure

Last week I celebrated my birthday and as I look forward to another year I can't help but be grateful in reflection and excited about the future. I've never been one to sulk at the thought or reality of turning another year older. As I consider the crazy world we live in and the crazy things I've done, its a miracle that I made it to 33! What's better, I have another day and another year to look forward to.

This has always been my approach to life and after listening to Oprah's What I Know For Sure I'm even more secure in my conviction. As I was bearing down on January 13th I listened to Oprah recount a story in which she met a stranger in a restaurant who was "celebrating" her birthday. When Oprah casually asked how old she was the woman would not answer as if she couldn't bear acknowledging another year. We all have reasons for being discontent but Oprah's response was somewhat similar to mine...

Life is a celebration! How lucky we should all feel to have the opportunity to live as long as we have, as well as the ability to continue to experience the world in the future.

So Oprah, what I know for sure is that as I look forward to 2019 and my 34th year on our tiny, little planet I have reason to believe that this year will be the best year yet!

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- AM.