Snow is falling in Denver this afternoon and my view of the downtown skyline from 1002 is ever-changing as patterns of blowing snow sweep across the chilled spring air.

Inside, however, the ethereal sound of Sigur Rós' third full-length album - "( )" - is gently filling the room with relaxing vibes.

Sigur Rós, translated into "Victory Rose" in English, is an Icelandic rock band and given their nationality it would come as no surprise to learn that most of their music is written and sang in their native language. What makes "( )" unique is that the entire album was written in Hopelandic which is essentially a made-up language consisting of meaningless words.

Describing Sigur Rós and their Untitled album in written form is a difficult task but if you've taken the time to read this blog it's also worth taking a few more minutes to listen to two of my favorite tracks from the album.

What I like most about the album, and Sigur Rós in general, is the unique composition of their music that is beautiful and in some moments, incredibly haunting.

Have a listen!

- AM.