Credit: Automotive Rhythms

There is no Substitute

This week I want to dive into, once again, my love for branding and advertising... and cars!

Whether we realize it or not, we are bombarded by advertisements on a daily basis. Generally, advertisements are overt ploys through conventional mediums to lure prospective consumers to a particular product or service. Sometimes, however, the PR team develops a slick idea that bucks convention - and that excites me!

In the three-minute video below, Porsche knocks it out of the park.

Warning: the video is so old, circa 2006, you can't find it in high-definition!

With a heavy dose of pathos (there are moments of cheese here), Porsche explores the relationship between a boy and his dream car.

For me, the story-telling is on point. With little dialogue, the non-verbal communication tells us everything we need to know.

What Porsche does well, in my opinion, is to avoid the typical sales pitch. Forget the quality of the car (ethos) or its (im)practicality (logos). What matters here is a passion for Porsche and without passion, what's the point?

Their crafted narrative resonates with me because as a kid, not only did I day dream about the future (a lot!) but I remember that over-whelming sense of excitement about attaining something I couldn't wait to have. Today, that passion still exists as I think about my next car or whatever the object of my desire is.

Ultimately, the ad feels less about consumerism and more about satisfying that craving for something you've always wanted. A Porsche is more than a car, its a trophy for one's achievement. And for that, there is no substitute.

- AM.