The Ticking of a Watch

In a recent episode of Hodinkee’s Talking Watches actor Keegan Allen asks the host, Ben Clymer, “do you ever sleep with your watch on?” The answer?

Keegan explains that occasionally he’ll lay his head on his wrist as the chime of the watch will help him fall asleep.

Personally, I’ve never slept with my watch on my wrist but I understand his explanation for why he does it. I too find the ticking of a watch soothing and there are many times, particularly when sitting in traffic, that I’ll turn off the radio and allow myself to check-in with the distinct sound of the mechanical components oscillating back and forth.

The subtle but steady ticking is meditative and instantly transports me from the city’s hectic traffic into a zone of calmness as an orchestra of tiny man-made components work in unison to a create a concerto of timeless music without ever skipping a beat.

Before I know it, minutes have passed and I arrive at my destination.

Side bar: Recalling the post about Daisy Patton, NOMOS is headquartered in Glashütte.

- AM.