The Kettle Black

Given the non-negotiable inclusion of a French Press in my daily routine it was important to find a kettle that could take the pressure (pun intended) of daily heat whilst maintaining a pleasing aesthetic when resting on the cooktop.

I searched rather extensively online and throughout kitchen stores in Denver and Boulder before finding Fellow's Stagg Pour-Over Kettle at Crate & Barrel.

Not only is the kettle brilliantly functional with its built-in thermometer and goose-neck spout for controlled non-splash pouring but its appearance is quite pleasing.

The matte black finish is bold and complementary of the stainless steel base and black grill of the cooktop set. I also enjoy the kettle's petite silhouette. Elegant and smooth it's form creates a lovely shadow line when juxtaposed against the Calacatta Marble backsplash.

Welcome to the kitchen, dear Fellow.

- AM.