Credit: lunita lu

The Girl From Ipanema

With warmer weather on the horizon I can't help but be excited for spring. One way to expedite its arrival is through sound. In particular, listening to my favorite summertime radio station: The Girl From Ipanema radio on Pandora.

Although originally recorded by Pery Ribeiro in 1962 the 1964 recording by American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz and the lovely Astrud Gilberto produced an instant classic.

Side bar: So who is The Girl From Ipanema? Click here to find out.

Leveraging the brilliance of Pandora I'm able to enjoy complementary music that possesses a similar sound and elicits a euphoric mood.

Whether its accompanying a morning French Press, a late afternoon cocktail or a relaxing evening in, The Girl From Ipanema radio creates an atmosphere whose sound quickly puts me in touch with summertime vibes.

Have a listen to the song that started it all: