Thank You: An Open Note to Clients

As you may know, after a three-year stint representing the United States in the sport of skeleton I took a leap of faith and obtained my real estate license. From October 2013 through September 2015 I worked at an associate level for an accomplished real estate broker earning what I equate to a Master of Business Administration. In October 2015, after two years at an associate level, I felt it was time to begin growing my business as a broker.

This past week, just over three and a half years after I began selling real estate, I surpassed $50 Million in career sales.

As a client who has helped me achieve so much I’m writing to you to say “thank you”.

“Thank you for believing in me, thank you for supporting me and thank you for entrusting me to guide you through the purchase and/or sale of your residence.”

Today, there are more than 45,000 licensed real estate brokers in the state of Colorado and I am flattered and humbled by the fact that you chose me to advise, guide and represent you through your real estate transaction(s).

Even greater, I’ve been fortunate in my short career to have had the opportunity to work alongside you, my clients, whom I’ve been able to learn from and emulate as I continue to grow my own business. I feel it’s rare that one has the opportunity to assist their clients in achieving success will simultaneously getting an education from their clientele in the process. That’s pretty damn cool.

While I am proud of my personal achievements I could not have accomplished what I have without the faith, commitment and trust you’ve given me and for that, I am truly grateful.

All the best,