Credit: Table 6

Table 6... or is it?

In Denver’s ever-evolving food scene there are an abundance of new restaurants. As much as I enjoy exploring new dining options, there are a few that remain perennial favorites; one of which is Table 6.

The diverse menu selections, the ingredients, the textures, the flavors… they always exceed expectations but one question I ponder is whether or not ambiance and experience enhance our reaction to flavor.

The first five times I visited the restaurant I was, by accident, seated at the same table. Located toward the back of the restaurant, the four-top (hip restaurant speak) is anchored between two partition walls with a clear view of the dining room and kitchen. The table location is quiet, private and has an engaging view of the patrons and kitchen staff.

After the fifth occurrence I asked the Maître D' for the table number to which she replied, “Table 5”.

I dine out frequently and yet rarely can I recall specific meals long after I’ve left. At Table 5/6, the experience is entirely different. For me, the act of repeatedly sitting at the same table has elevated each excursion beyond just a meal. It’s almost as if the memories of Table 5 are a subtle reminder to fully immerse myself in the occasion, enjoying each and every bite.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, have a seat.

- AM.