Sam - The Orange Tabby

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening at my friend’s house. Not only do I enjoy spending time with my friends, Phil and Kim, but it’s also an opportunity to spend time with my pal, Sam, their adorably aging orange tabby.

Sam, who was rescued off the streets of Ohio, is one cool cat. He embodies the best, and sometimes the worst, traits of a quintessential feline house companion. A friendly disposition and a curious personality are two elements that make him a lovable addition to the family.

Another characteristic of his that I adore is his purring. One of the greatest mysteries in the animal kingdom, a cat’s purr is soothing, symbolic and unique amongst all domesticated pets. Last night, Sam’s purring was on full display. As we all settled in for a film, so too did Sam. Nestled on the sofa between two of us, it wasn’t long before Sam began to purr himself into a snooze. As the film eased from one scene to the next, Sam's unique score provided an auditory treat for all.

Here's to you Sam. I'd give you a pat on the head but then it'd wake you up.

- AM.