Credit: Andy / Andrew Fogg

Rosemary + Mint

For the past decade on a bi-monthly schedule I’ve traveled to Pomadours Hair Salon in Boulder to get my hair trimmed.

Side bar: I won best-hair in eighth grade and have a reputation (I’m trying) to uphold.

Few things in life beat the feeling of a fresh cut and a fringe benefit to frequent salon trips is the aromatic experience offered at the Aveda salon. Aveda’s signature scent celebrates the art and science of pure flowers and plant essences but personally, the aroma has a strong connection to personal care and well-being. Over the past decade I’ve come to associate the smell of Aveda with relaxation and strive to incorporate the soothing aroma at home for sustained enjoyment.

Aveda’s Rosemary Mint is a household staple. The variety of products are light and natural with a bouquet that is fresh and non-synthetic.

If our sense of smell is tied directly to our memory, introducing a fragrance that is inextricably connected with a spa experience is a great way to bring a calming sense to one’s daily routine.

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- AM.