Period Correct

Last night I was seeking architectural inspiration and thus, turned to my edition of Frank Lloyd Wright The Houses for assistance.

As you'd deduce from the title, the hardbound coffee table book carefully explores the progression of Frank Lloyd Wright's design practice from one home to the next over the course of his career.

Paired with stunning photography and a narrative about each of the residences, the publisher achieved an extraordinary feat that I'm sure was unintended but no less fortuitous.

As you flip from one full-bleed page to the next the smell of ink infused paper stock dances upward toward the olfactory receptors. What's interesting to me is that the ink and paper does not smell of chemicals or dyes but instead, an old musty attic. As I absorb the imagery of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural vision I'm seduced by an aroma that transports me inside the Coonley House in Riverside Illinois - a home that was completed in 1912.

Perhaps the scent is the result of a carefully crafted sensory plan but I think it was one of life's magical coincidences. After all, a photo book becomes so much more when the scent of its pages reflects the imagery depicted.

- AM.