Lillie's BBQ

Expounding on a recent debate with friends over the importance of condiments in American culture and cuisine (because why not argue the merits of mayonnaise?) I thought I’d share one of my favorite refrigerator door staples.

Not unlike most children growing up in America I was infatuated with McDonalds, particularly their chicken nuggets. In staying true to my American roots I also loved McDonalds’ dipping sauces which included their hot mustard, sweet and sour and of course, their famous BBQ sauce.

Side bar: I find it interesting that each fast food chain has the perfectly seasoned sauce to pair with their chicken nuggets or French fries. You wouldn’t dare use McDonalds BBQ on a Chic-Fil-A nugget – it simply would not taste good.

A few months ago we stumbled upon a BBQ sauce while perusing the aisles of Whole Foods that on first taste was oddly familiar. After additional tasting we realized that what we had found was a jarred replica of McDonalds’ classic BBQ concoction – seriously!

So what is it?

Lillie’s Smoky Barbeque Sauce

You can learn plenty more on their website by clicking here.

Thus far I’ve enjoyed it on scrambled eggs, grilled chicken breast and of course, French fries but I think Lillie’s is onto something when they posit that when using their Memphis-Style Sweet Barbeque Sauce that “really you can’t go wrong.”

Not only did Lillie manage to excite my taste buds but I have to give her a big victory in the label and branding column. It's a well-know fact that food tastes better when it’s thoughtfully presented.

- AM.