Leather Bound

Carpet. Wood. Tile.

All three are traditional floor coverings that we’re familiar with.

But what about leather?

Prior to stepping into 31 Albion Place – one of my favorite residences of all time – I had never stepped foot on a leather floor.

Throughout most of the residence, Clear Vertical Grain oak is the flooring of choice; however, the wine vault is a flirtatiously sexy departure.

Richard Lee, the interior designer of the home, opted for Edelman Leather tiles in various hues of red.

Not only do the leather tiles provide a contrast to the wood flooring throughout the rest of the home, the smooth texture beneath your feet is uniquely satisfying with its soft cushion.

We grow accustomed to conventional design practices and traditionally opt for a repetitive palette of similar materials but the addition of leather is a great way to spice up an unconventional room aesthetically while offering a new textural experience.

- AM.