Credit: Stefan Lins

Kicking Horse

In the summer of 2012, post-skeleton but pre-real estate, I was a member of the Colorado Rockies Grounds Crew.

My passion for coffee can be traced back to eighty-one summer evenings spent watching Major League Baseball from inside the Colorado Rockies' dugout.

What many do not realize is the amount of time it takes to prepare the field for each home game. To make the 6:40pm start time we began working at 10:00am under record-setting heat. After the final out was registered, we had post-game clean-up before punching the clock just before mid-night.

By the time the first pitch was thrown I was in need of a pick-me-up and so started the tradition of a pot of coffee shared amongst the crew in the dugout. Sporting a first-rate farmer's tan, we traded Coors Light for a pot of Joe.

After the season I started down a long path of coffee experimentation buying a new brand and a new roast at every opportunity until one day I stumbled upon Three Sisters by Kicking Horse.

Credit: Kicking Horse Coffee

Predictably, it was their simple branding that caught my eye but the flavor profile of the coffee was the best I’d ever had. Not too light, not too bitter. In the words of Kicking Horse, its smooth, savoury and seductive.

I have to hand it to those clever Canadians. They may have sourced their beans from Indonesia, Central and South America but their roasting technique is top-notch.

To this day, Kicking Horse is a treasured part of my morning tradition.

You can buy Kicking Horse whole bean (definitely recommended) locally at Natural Grocers or online at

Noteworthy Honorable Mentions:

  • Kicking Horse – Smart Ass – Medium Roast
  • Kicking Horse – Kick Ass – Dark Roast

Go kick some ass.

- AM.