Seduced by Jo

Two years ago I listed the residence at 229 Alder Lane in Boulder – a truly remarkable remodel and proof that with a little creativity you can transform a bland, non-descript house into a stunning, one-of-a-kind residence.

The transformation of 229 Alder Lane incorporated not only a palette of visual and textural design cues but also introduced aromatic dimension.

Recounting a specific smell is one way in which we memorialize a particular place or thing. In this instance, the homeowner used diffusers to create a signature scent for their residence. A scent that quickly became a powerful reminder of their home and its ambiance.

The scent is Lime Basil Mandarin by Jo Malone.

The scent became an instant favorite the moment I stepped into 229 Alder Lane and smelled the diffuser as it gently wafted up the open stairwell from the lower level.

What I like about it:

For me, it's light, it's crisp and it's refreshing. Too often diffusers and other room fresheners have a synthetic smell to them which is nauseating. In my opinion, Lime Basil Mandarin has a great natural tone that fills the air without being obnoxious.

Since then, Lime Basil Mandarin has become not only the signature scent for my personal residence but I’ve also used the scent when staging residences for re-sale.

Head over to Nordstrom and discover for yourself.

- AM.