Untitled (May 15 1933), 2017 Credit: Daisy Patton

Finding Daisy Patton

This Saturday, October 6th is the grand opening of Daisy Patton’s new exhibit A Rewilded Arcadia at K Contemporary downtown.

Who is Daisy Patton?

The uber-talented artist grew up in Los Angeles, went to school in Oklahoma and currently resides in Aurora (for now). She’s well-traveled too, having studied in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and Dresden, Germany.

Side bar: Daisy receives extra style points for her connection to Dresden, the capitol city of Saxony, which incidentally is also home to the tiny, yet coveted, watch-making village of Glashütte and my favorite skeleton track in the world which is located deep in the forest of nearby Altenberg.

Untitled (Leonar 5746) Credit: Daisy Patton

What do I love about her work?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a photograph without context introduces more questions than answers. When was the photograph taken? Who is the subject? What was their name? What was their life about? Are they still alive? To whom does the photograph belong? Why was the photograph taken?

We’ll likely never know the answers but that’s OK.

I like that Daisy takes someone else’s memory, adds a dazzling amount of color, and creates an alternative scene and fresh reality. We may never know who the subjects are, but their legacy lives on in an alternative universe.

My two favorites (pictured above):

“Untitled (May 15 1933)”

“Untitled (Leonar 5746)”

Learn more about Daisy Patton and a A Rewilded Arcadia on K Contemporary’s website.

- AM.