Crabtree & Evelyn

Stowed neatly away in a wonderfully preserved antique cabinet in a subterranean layer in Cheesman Park is a curious abundance of Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna bar soap.

How did it come to be?

When obsession turns to fear individuals are moved to do the unthinkable. In this case, stockpile a secret cache of one’s favorite scented soap in a quantity that no single individual would be able to use during their lifetime.

A dear friend of mine has an affinity for collecting antiques so it comes as no surprise that when he learned that Crabtree and Evelyn’s brand would be dissolved that his first instinct was to buy an entire store’s worth of product.

The result: a beautifully merchandised display of discontinued bar soap. The real treat, however, is the aroma that fills the air when the cabinet doors are pulled open.

After lengthy negotiation over single malt scotch I was given permission to remove a box of three from the home. Today, the scent of this elegant and mysterious black bar of soap lingers in the air of my bathroom suite.

It’s the scent of Sienna. It’s the scent of a bygone era.

Side bar: after visiting their website, maybe I should begin stockpiling. Hm.

- AM.