Credit: Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch

Knurling, according to the scientific pages of Wikipedia, is a manufacturing process, typically conducted on a lathe, whereby a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines is rolled into a piece of metal. The result is an abrasive surface designed to improve grip, amongst other purposes.

Knurled surfaces are common place at the gym with barbells and dumbbells. I like the look of the textured surface; however, too little texture and the weight is difficult to move. Too much texture and the knurling carves your palms and fingers. Without a doubt, there is a fine balance.

What about in a home application?

The other day I stumbled upon Buster + Punch’s website which specializes in rock and roll inspired hardware, switches and lighting. The door levers and dimmer switches are seriously cool! The knurled surface provides a texture unlike any lever or dimmer switch I have ever seen or handled.

When you think about it, who doesn't want a “switch made from solid metal with a diamond-cut knurled knob to feel amazing with every touch”? Available in steel, brass, bronze and black their line of in-home products add a visual kick and a refined touch.

I think Buster + Punch will be making an appearance in my residence soon.

- AM.