Bath Time

As a citizen living in the developed world in 2019 its easy to take for granted some of life's most precious indulgences. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits I enjoy on a daily basis is hot water for showering. Not only do I shower to maintain my personal hygiene but quite honestly, its relaxing and simultaneously, invigorating.

If we enjoy a good shower its reasonable to expect that our pets would too, right?


Meet Luke. Luke, my girlfriend's first-born son, is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Retriever mix who is more-or-less a lapdog. Possessing a friendly disposition and an upbeat personality he has all the qualities of what one would consider "the world's best dog".

With that being said, he is a dog and like all dogs, he has a tendency to smell like a dog. While never truly "dirty" he develops a musky odor which follows him everywhere and in turn, rubs off onto one's hands, clothes... really anything he touches. Not exactly desirable.

The good news is that Luke LOVES baths. Not only is he receptive to the process but afterward he's lively and playful... a new man! Of course, we love it because what was once a sweet, lovable, ninety-pound dog with an odorous stench is now a sweet, lovable, ninety-pound walking room freshener! That's a smell we can all get behind.

- AM.