Credit: Darryl Godden

An Unbecoming Stench

As the holiday season roars on so too do the dinner parties and endless consumption of delicious meals. One ill side effect; however, is the cooking – more specifically, the cooking of garlic and onion. The pair of ingredients are staples in an abundance of recipes and with good reason. Their presence creates complex flavor profiles that enhance what may otherwise be bland and boring. Unfortunately, in order to enjoy their tasty contribution, they must be cooked and it’s their smell that creates disdain.

I am quite particular about my living quarters and if I had to choose, I would select fresh, light and airy over the smell of food, no matter how good it is, every day of the week. In general, I can accept the smell of food in my home as eating is part of every human’s daily routine; however, the smell of garlic and onion in my house is not acceptable! The two emit an aroma that lingers for days. Their pesky scent weaves its way into fabrics, penetrates the walls and sticks to ever molecule of fresh air suffocating it. For me, the smell is so obnoxious that I’d rather omit it entirely from my recipe than deal with the pungent aftermath.

In summary, you’re welcome for dinner any time at my place but please, hold the garlic and the onion.

- AM.