Having recently moved from the suburbs to the city I've been confronted with a number of new sensory elements.

Included in the purchase of my residence is a soundtrack produced by the unique sounds associated with the commuter rail lines located directly below my flat.

I'm often asked if the noise emanating from the platforms below bothers me but in fact, the reality is that I find them to be a fringe benefit of my purchase.

Too often we associate the noise of a city as a disturbance but I find beauty in the sound of a burgeoning cosmopolitan destination.

As I type, a train from Denver International Airport is arriving with its bells chiming in two distinct tones. The brakes exhale and a stream of people flood the platform en-route to their destination.

For me, the bells are an auditory indication of a fresh injection of life into our city's central beating heart. Both purposeful and soothing, noise doesn't have to be a nuissance but instead a blessing.

- AM.