A Twinkling Burst

Two and a half years ago I began blogging about The Coloradan, Denver's newest and only condominium slated for development in downtown Denver. As I fantasized about the possibility of home ownership in this location I considered The Coloradan's long-term viability.

Location: check.

Walkability: check.

Accessibility: check.

Desirability: check.

The Views: Absolutely!

The moment I decided to purchase a residence in The Coloradan I began contemplating the different vantage points throughout the building. Ultimately, I signed for Suite 1002, the namesake of this blog.

Every morning I am fortunate to watch the sunrise and each evening I observe an array of pinks, yellows and oranges paint the facades of our city's growing population of skyscrapers. As the sun descends behind the Rocky Mountains thousands of light bulbs begin to pop as a constellation of twinkling lights populate the background of Union Station's iconic neon sign.

Its a daily experience that will never grow old.

- AM.