Credit: Jedediah Liddell

A Symphonic Crescendo

The current season of the Colorado Symphony is in full-swing and there are a lot of great performances forthcoming!

If you’ve previously attended the Symphony, you understand the experience, but if you haven’t been to the Colorado Symphony, you should consider working it into your weekend festivities.

While the Symphony is not a raucous rock concert and there may not be playoff implications at the conclusion of each performance, there is something romantic about watching and listening to a group of world-class musicians perform in unison, music that was written hundreds of years ago. No amplifiers, no computer generated samples but instead, handmade instruments yielding a lovely crescendo of symphonic melody.

Too often, however, the Symphony is overlooked and perhaps understandably so. In the age of synth-pop and electronically generated tunes we’ve become disconnected from our musical roots. Additionally, time is a precious commodity and with so little time, we often lean towards what’s immediately recognizable, comfortable and consistent.

“As a native of Colorado I’m fortunate to have experienced first-hand Denver’s growth and maturation to the city it is today; we’ve come a long way from our cow-town roots. Growing up, the last place you wanted to be after dark was downtown. Today, it’s filled with boutiques, restaurants, bars and nightlife.”

As we continue to grow into a cosmopolitan destination I believe it’s important to also expand our cultural art scene. We are lucky to have museums, like the Clyfford Still Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, plus the Denver Center for Performing Arts. As a proud citizen, I’d like to see our city become a world-renowned locale for fine arts.

In recent years, the Symphony has expanded into realms that extend far beyond the classics. You can watch cult favorites, like Home Alone while the musicians play the score in the background, or experience phenomenal tributes to the greats like Tom Petty, Nat King Cole and Radiohead.

Below are a few performances I’m excited to see in the coming months. You can check-out the full schedule by visiting the Colorado Symphony’s website.

  • 23 November 2018 – Movie at the Symphony: Home Alone
    11 November – 2 December 2018 – All Beethoven
    7 December – 8 December 2018 – A Classical Christmas
    31 December 2018 – A Night in Vienna – Who doesn’t love The Blue Danube?

Given my association with and support of the Colorado Symphony, I’m excited to share with you a promotional code that offers $25 tickets on most events and price levels.

To redeem, simply send an e-mail to me at

The promo code may be used as frequently as you’d like… and hopefully it’s a lot!

Again, if you haven’t been to the Symphony, why not make an evening out with dinner, a performance and a coffee/dessert afterward? I think you’ll find the experience to be surprisingly delightful.

- AM.