Credit: jun560

A Film Never Made

You may know that I’m a sucker for great branding and advertising so it should come as no surprise that my excitement level went into overdrive when I stumbled upon a Burberry advertisement on YouTube titled “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”.

The three-minute, thirty-five second film appears to be a trailor for an upcoming film about the trials, tribulations and great success of young Thomas Burberry who brought his eponymous brand into a global phenomenon. Cue the drama.

The brilliance of the film is that this is the entire film. There is not a feature length documentary about Thomas Burberry and there likely never was going to be. Instead, in three-and-a-half minutes Burberry put together a captivating short that tells the viewer everything they need to know about Thomas Burberry and his contribution to the brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Visually stunning and period correct, the short-film is unlike anything else I’ve seen from a fashion house or mainstream brand when it comes to advertising.

Cheers, Burberry!

P.S. Please finish the film.

- AM.