Hello from us.

The real estate industry can be subdivided into many segments and categorized by an abundance of adjectives but when we reflect upon who we are and what we do, above all else, we are Placemakers.

It is through this lens that we define our roles, govern our responsibilities and make promises to the members of our community. We see ourselves as leaders, as businessmen and women and as creatives. We recognize that our affinity for art, architecture and design run parallel to the process of building a house into a home.

Placemaking is more than a destination, it's the confluence of passion, intentional execution and genuine science. It's within those complex layers that we thrive.

Here we give you a sneak peek into what we do "behind the curtain".

Our Core Values.

We have found that success in our industry depends on doing the small things right. Every decision that we make and every direction in which we proceed is underpinned by our values and principles.

Our business may change as frequently as the seasons, but we know for certain that our core values are unwavering.

With a foundation set in stone, each step forward is as simple as stacking blocks.

Starting with Science.

It's easy to mistake a home as a property. Afterall, we have been socially conditioned to view the houses that we buy and sell as commodities. We compare location, features, qualities and price and label the exercise a Comparative Analysis. We do this to satisfy our need to compartmentalize thoughts and ideas into easy to understand and relatable idea sets. Through extensive empirical research; however, we know that this process is flawed.

Understanding Consumer Behavior.

Ross Honeywell who is an Adjunct Associate Professor in business and economics and the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Economics based in Melbourne Australia "is internationally recognized for his work in measuring, mapping and unlocking PREMIUM value in an increasingly commoditized business world.

Honeywell's research in consumer behavior is revolutionary. In fact, we found his research to be so profound and compelling that we've modelled our entire sales strategy on the results of his studies.

Learn more about Ross here.

There are two types of consumers:

Consumer A makes their purchasing decision based solely on price, features and status meanwhile...

Consumer B's purchasing decisions are influenced by design, authenticity, experience, provenance and a whole host of other considerations.

Understanding how these groups think and how they make decisions allows us to position your home so that we attract the right buyer by connecting with their values.

Who is your buyer?

Honeywell postulates that the American economy is comprised of 113,000,000 individuals who exhibit the behavior of Consumer B. Moreover, Consumer B's population is increasing...rapidly.

Why is that important to you?

Consumer B is not looking for a house, they are looking for a home. Most importantly, Consumer B is willing to a pay a premium for a home that they connect to on a deeper level.

In order for you to maximize the return on your investment, you need to attract Consumer B. Connecting with Consumer B is where is we naturally excel.

Authenticity is Paramount.

As research into consumer behavior evolves it is natural for the commodities industry to adopt buzzwords into their marketing campaigns to reach their audience. Nebulous adjectives such as "lifestyle" are omnipresent in today's real estate advertising but they do little to connect with consumers at an emotional level.

How do we break the barrier?

The Brand.

SLATE Real Estate Advisors was founded in the Winter of 2016 as a creative outlet for our founding partners who wanted to share their passion for art, design and architecture not only with the clients they represented but with the communities they immersed themselves in.

Overtime, our brand has expanded and today, manifests itself in many forms.

Our Office.

Located in LoHi, at the base of a residential condominium development that we represented, lies our office. Our office is our home. It is a physical and emotional embodiment of who we are. Our office is a place of business but more importantly, it's a community gathering space where we connect with our clients, friends, family, strangers and those we share our city with.

Natural Born Connectors.

We gain energy by sharing our passion with others. We use our office as a platform for sharing our curiosities with those around us. Whether it's as simple as a copy of our favorite international print publication or hosting First Fridays, we make an effort to engage those who share our values, principles and interests. Perhaps this is most aptly exhibited in our permanent art gallery.


Appropriately dubbed "Denver's Smallest Art Gallery", /NOOK resides in the front corner of our office space. What was once deemed an unusable space in the corner of our office, thanks to an inconveniently placed concrete column, is now activated with works of art that can be viewed by the public from the sidewalks beyond our walls.

We have found that /NOOK is a friendly, non-salesy approach to connecting with neighbors and those traversing the neighborhood.

Learn more about /NOOK.

Living in a Digital World.

The traditional approach to selling real estate has been focused heavily on print media. Make no mistake, some of our greatest inspiration is derived from print publications but unfortunately, not only is it expensive and inconsiderate of our world's finite resources, its singularly reaching and has a limited lifespan. At SLATE, 95% of our marketing efforts are placed in the digital sphere where time is infinite and the reach is global.

Our Personal Address.

What is more genuine than a personal curated corner of the World Wide Web? Our website is a digital footprint of our physical selves. We leverage our website not only to advertise our listings, but share our inspiration, promote our friends and share the original content that we create. It's the single most important way we maintain an omnipresent connection to our truest fans.

Personal Touch.

Each of our listings is unique and therefore, every residence deserves an individualized presentation. In addition to crystal-clear photography, we write a personalized narrative that tells the story of your home.

We do not recite facts that people can find in public records. Instead, we dive into the unique qualities that separate your residence form any other property. We believe the story we tell here establishes the framework for discussion during a showing.

Learn more about how we present homes and write our stories by clicking here.

The Power of One.

Similar to print advertising, the issue with singularly marketing homes is that the audience is only as big as the audience you can attract to one listing.

We know that in marketing all of our listings together as one increases the exposure for all of our clients by virtue of being exposed to a greater, more diverse audience.

Sharing a Secret.

Consumer A will always find our home by searching third-party real estate websites and narrowing their scope to price, bedrooms, bathrooms and square-footage.

Consumer B makes their purchasing decision on experience and emotional connections. By introducing consumers to a broad range of homes, they may end up making a purchase they otherwise had not considered simply because it was presented to them.

We increase our reach by leveraging the power of the web.

The Power of Social Media.

Engaging with an audience on social media is more about posting beautiful pictures; it's about creating a connection. Take a moment to reflect on your favorite brands. Whether it's a restaurant, car manufacturer, cosmetic line or airline you likely continue to consume their product because ultimately, you trust that no matter when you visit them or what product of theirs you buy - you will be happy.

A Lasting Connection.

We leverage our social media platforms to build an audience who believes in what we do and trusts what we say. Strengthening our digital relationship and offering content that is germane to their interests is important. Why? Because when we present your home to our audience, we want them to pay attention. Not because we are dazzling them with pretty photographs, but because we have demonstrated to them that when we say, "hey, check this out", it's going to resonate.

Driving Traffic.

Every effort that we put into our digital advertising campaign is done with the goal of driving traffic to our website. After all, that is where your listing is prominently featured.

Strategic Partners.

We collaborate and organize ourselves around those individuals and entities that we believe shares our core values, our interest as well as our customer base. We evaluate these partners regularly to ensure our tactical approach remains congruent with our current goals. Whomever we are working with in the moment, there is intentional thought behind our strategy and its focus is ensuring that your residence is benefiting from the exposure we create.

In Closing.

We've said it before but it bears repeating; we believe we are in the business of placemaking. We focus on creating community because we know, both anecdotally and through scientific research, that emotional connections are longer lasting and create stronger bonds. We do not endeavor to build a transactional business; we our steadfast in creating relationships. Our previous efforts benefit our clients today and our continual commitment to our approach benefits our future business. Sure, we engage in all the same traditional advertising methods that every real estate broker does, but we believe there is more. Operating outside of the status quo is where we feel most comfortable, aligned with our truest selves and therefore, do our best work yielding the greatest results.

We look forward to working with you.

- SLATE Real Estate Advisors.